The Crossing

Your impact on modern day slavery


On the 10th of December 2020 we created a Hubub for Human Rights Day and organised a global conversation about modern day slavery. A video introduction by patron Emma Thompson preceeded a screening of the multi-award winning film The Crossing, and following we invited voices from across the world to join the film’s director, BAFTA award winning filmmaker Shreepali Patel, executive producer, Colin Burrows of Special Treats and Rich Warren of Encounters Film Festival in a national conversation sparked by the film.

Who does it effect?

It’s estimated that there are more slaves in the UK today than at any other point in history, as 21 million people are trafficked each year. A third of all detected trafficking victims are children. $150 billion profit is generated through trafficking worldwide. Many affected by Modern Day Slavery are among us, trapped in plain sight.

By raising awareness of the issues surrounding modern slavery and the tell-tale signs we can help affect real change and help some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

What is The Crossing?

Storytelling can challenge individuals to empathise and encourage changes in attitude and behaviour, raise awareness, connect conversations for effective and powerful knowledge exchange and influence public policy.

The Crossing is an emotionally charged film investigating an exploitation of hope and the black market economy of human trafficking. Telling the story of a young girl sex trafficked into an organised industry through the ‘lover boy’ technique. Exploring an increasingly complex climate of hardening public opinion; moral self-questioning and a $150 billion dollar world trade in people


If anyone has been affected or has questions about trafficking, please contact the independent modern slavery helpline - 08000 121 700

If you need to access to specific services

'The Crossing’ is an eyeline film directed by Shreepali Patel of StoryLab, Anglia Ruskin University.

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