A support network for men


Blokecoach was founded by two professional coaches who wanted to create a safe digital space where vulnerable user’s data would not be harvested and sold. It is a support network that hosts facilitated discussion where people can share their experiences of living with and through mental health issues.


Opening up about mental health issues can be hard. It affects everyone but men find it particularly difficult to talk about. It’s no coincidence that over three quarters of suicides victims in the UK are male. It’s the biggest killer of men under 50, far bigger than traffic accidents, heart disease or cancer.

Why hubub?

Hubub’s human-centred design means it helps to build trust, foster empathy and combat loneliness. It’s a place where participants learn with and from each other in the secure knowledge that hubub does not share or sell their data. It’s a safe space where we can draw on the collective knowledge, experience and support of the Blokecoach community.