Train your staff from the sofa in 2021

It’s 2021, the kitchen table is the new office and the WFH revolution is well underway. Now your team is dispersed; every day serves up a set of new challenges and keeping your finger on the pulse is critical.

Training success checklist

We have identified some of the key success factors of adopting remote online training and put together a checklist of critical goals which every small businesses should strive to hit.

Access to materials

Training is an opportunity to build a directory of quality information resources that can act as a knowledge resource for learners and employees long after the initial delivery if access and management is correctly handled.

Quality of content

Professional trainers delivering in-person courses develop techniques of engaging their audiences in the material through humour, stories and personal connections. When moving the training experience to an online environment it is critical to retain as many of these qualities as possible. Dull, text-based training will struggle to retain attention and result in poor engagement.


By making your training available online you can let staff complete modules at a time that suits them. In theory this sounds like a perfect scenario however our research and experience in collaborative learning has taught us that bringing people together to learn at scheduled times creates a much better online learning environment that not only improves engagement with the material but also greatly improves knowledge sharing and shared interests between learners and employees.


Keeping track of which employees have completed training has traditionally been a tedious but an important task. Online training platforms offer easier methods of retaining training records and assigning training on an individual or team basis.

Knowledge sharing

One of the fundamental issues we have identified with online training material is the speed at which materials become outdated, irrelevant and in some cases entirely obsolete. In order to keep training relevant it is critical to pull in experts within your team or external training providers to present up-to-date perspectives and examples.

So, have you mastered the art of juggling Email, Zoom, Teams, Slack, Trello and Asana?

Hubub is the big training platform for the small business owner. Hubub makes the management, delivery and monitoring of online training simple. Power up your training videos with a social approach with the capacity to connect an entire workforce.

Enable your employees to train together, participate in discussion and benefit from each other’s experience. Level up your training, create a free Hubub account, upload your first training video and share with your employees today. No credit card details, close your account at any time.

Designed, developed and built in the United Kingdom, Hubub is GDPR compliant and your data remains in the UK. We value your privacy and respecting your data is one of our core values.

Interested in using Hubub?

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