6 reasons why post pandemic training will be more inclusive, efficient and collaborative.

It’s 2021 and we’re looking forward to getting back to a new normal. But what will the new normal be for work, and might it be better? Here are 6 ways the best workplaces are learning and growing out of COVID.


Training can now fit around your workforce rather than the other way around. This not only means less disruption but greater focus. Training now meets the learner on their terms. Scheduling on Hubub enables training sessions to be organsied at a time that suits your team. Materials remain accessible after the event so that nobody misses out.


Working from the kitchen table might not always be ideal but neither is that noisy office. Thinking more openly about where we work not only saves travel costs and time, it also enables workers to maximise their productivity. Hubub works across mobile, tablet and desktop devices so your employees can learn at home or on the go.


One size fits all is appropriate for WHAT we learn but entirely inappropriate for HOW we learn. By removing the pace at which training takes place we enable everyone to take the time they need. Hubub throws the keys to the learner, an intuitive session timeline control enables them to rewind and replay at any time.


Onsite chalk and talk training limits what people can learn to what the trainer knows. Digitally connected workforces are able to collaboratively problem solve and share their experiences. This is a game changer.


Working from home has granted us webcam access into the homes of public figures and private colleagues. The effect has been humanising. Whether it’s a newscasters being interrupted by their children to children studying in stairwells, the workplace can be a warmer one.


All of the above require a degree of self awareness. We’re not born with an innate understanding of where we learn best, when or how. We learn through feedback and results. The best digitally enhanced training feeds back personal insights that empower us to learn better.

Hubub is the big training platform for the small business owner. Hubub makes the management, delivery and monitoring of online training simple. Power up your training videos with a social approach and the capacity to connect your entire team.

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