Better conversations around video.

Hubub enables communities to engage in threaded discussions that are anchored to points in video.


Create a session by uploading a video. Then add prompts, links, polls and more to guide the discussion.


Invite others to join the discussion by sharing a private link or going public with your session.


Peel back the layers of conversation with Hubub Insights to uncover deeper meaning from your session.

Example Scenarios

Karl teaches media studies to students.

He uses Hubub to enable his students to share their notes with each other as they watch scenario film clips in his weekly class. By sharing notes, Karl's students access insights from one another.

Jess is an entrepreneur from London.

She uses Hubub to share a walkthrough of the updates she's made to her photography app and invites her team to feedback. Her team can quickly comment on specific elements of her presentation.

Pete runs a local football club.

He often films his team's practice sessions and shares them on Hubub. Pete's team use Hubub to review player techniques and offer tips and guidance to their fellow players online.

Sally is a deep sea diving instructor.

She uses Hubub to supplement her on-site training courses by sharing additional step-by-step videos. Her clients love Hubub because it lets them revise techniques in their own time and ask questions when they are unsure.


"We talk about pedagogy and how to engage students in schools, I think this is an excellent way to get under the skin of learning and help to develop knowledge and skills at the same time."

Pauline Trapp (Former Assistant Head teacher and SENCO)

"It's amazing. So often you want to share a link or ask people to explore something from a slide but you can't - this is perfect for that."

Gulshan Kayembe (Training Provider)

"It was great to get information from the connected-room, it's hard to get that sense of a national picture from local training."

G Correa (Parent and early years educator)

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